Exercise and sports should not be painful.

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If you Answer "yes" to any of these questions, schedule with Kyle today.

Do you have pain with exercise?

Are you unsure if you are performing your movements and exercises correctly?

Are you ready to take your fitness and training to a higher level?

Do you want to continue to perform at a high level despite getting older?

Do you need help creating a long term plan to achieve your goal (i.e. earn scholarship in 3 years, make an upcoming Olympic team in 2020, avoid this surgery for 10 years)?

Would you like a detailed list of what you should and should not be doing at your gym, with your personal trainer or when training on your own?

Are you frustrated with a cycle of exercise and recreation causing nagging injuries?

Do you want your student athlete to maximize their abilities and achieve to their athletic potential? 

Is your child in a strength and condition program at school or for their sport, but you are concerned they are not performing their lifts correctly?

Do you want your kids to learn how to move correctly before they begin a strength training or conditioning program?

The ease with which he was able to resolve a longstanding problem was surreal.
— Kirk Miller, MD and Triathlete
Certified in the Selective Functional Movement Assessment

Certified in the Selective Functional Movement Assessment

Board Certified Orthopedic & Sports Specialist

Board Certified Orthopedic & Sports Specialist

Blood Flow Restriction Training Certified

Blood Flow Restriction Training Certified

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