Kyle offers the very best services in physical therapy, training, strength and conditioning and performance consulting.  His clients are not told to stop doing what they love, instead he arms you with a plan on how to get back on track to doing it at an even higher level.  His goal is to create a better more resilient you.  Kyle practices physically at Zenergy Health Club in Sun Valley, Idaho and at Competitive Edge Athletic Performance Center in the Boise, Idaho area.  However, Kyle is now available for online consultation, programming and guidance. Through the virtual platform Zoom, Kyle can evaluate your situation, listen to your goals and help you make a plan to reaching those goals. 

  • Post operative rehab guidance for the athlete

  • Injury evaluations

  • Pain relief

  • Fitness program modifications (regressions and progressions)

  • Movement pattern development (squat, lunge, dead lift, etc.)

  • Advanced movement analysis (SFMA, FMS)

  • Fitness education and programming

  • Strength and power assessments

  • Athletic development planning

  • Long term fitness and performance planning for the elite athlete

  • Mobility and flexibility testing

  • Running gait analysis

  • The Tactical Athlete Program

  • Blood flow restriction training - In person only

  • Soft tissue mobilizations (cupping, active release, instrumented mobilizations) - In person only

  • Orthopedic manual therapy (joint mobilizations, manipulation, FR) - In person only

    Kyle can assist you in finding an expert in your geographic location for any in person/hands-on treatment needs

On the Go

Evaluations / Exercises / Programming / Guidance / Answers