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I have been competing in Triathlons since 1988 and had tried to qualify for the USAT Age Group World Championships on 6 different occasions.  In 2015, I managed to do the unthinkable, I qualified by the skin of my teeth.  I was the slowest person to qualify from the USA in my age group, and despite my elation, I was genuinely concerned that I would not represent the USA very well.  In addition, I was struggling with chronic hip pain during my training and races.  Because of my desire to compete to the absolute best of my ability at the World Championship, I asked Kyle to help me.

Kyle performed a very thorough analysis of my biomechanics and discovered that I had a lateral hip weakness that resolved within 3 weeks of some simple exercises.  The ease with which he was able to resolve a longstanding problem was surreal.  But the real benefit of Kyle, was the result of how he augmented my training.  I have always pushed my schedule to an extreme, balancing the life of a physician and father of three who love doing adventures with Dad that don’t involve me training.  The idea of adding to my busy schedule is received with a high level of skepticism.  Kyle added a weight routine that took me less then 20 mins 2/3 times per week, that specifically conditioned the muscle groups that were my racing weakness.

I went to World’s in September of 2016 as the slowest person from the USA to qualify for my age group.  My training routine leading up to that race was only altered by the additions Kyle had provided.  Prior to each big race, I always define a good outcome, great outcome and dream outcome.  I am very realistic about my definitions and in Cozumel, I managed to have a dream outcome by finishing in the top 10 of my age group.  Kyle’s clinical skills combined with his training knowledge played a key role in the outcome of that day.

Kirk A Miller MD

Steph out enjoying life!

Steph out enjoying life!

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I worked with Kyle on a shoulder injury I suffered while doing CrossFit. I wanted to do anything to avoid surgery. Kyle was so great to explain the injury to me and make a rehab plan to get my shoulder healthy without surgery, all while still being able to workout and maintain my fitness along the way. He was so great to give me very specific exercises for my injury and I started seeing great results almost immediately. During this time of rehabbing with Kyle, he was aware that I had suffered a traumatic leg injury a few years back, and he was able to connect me with an out of state clinic that specializes in a device for limb salvage patients such as myself. He helped me with all the necessary paperwork, phone calls, emails, etc to see if I was a good candidate for this device. Turns out, I was a great candidate for it and now have my device that has drastically changed my quality of life! Without Kyle's connection, I would have never known about this clinic! In the mean time, my shoulder has fully recovered without surgery, and now my leg is pain free and allowing me to get back to my very active life I used to live!

Kyle has worked closely with me throughout this process, knowing how important it was for me to be able to workout all while doing rehabilitation, and not falling victim to becoming a couch potato. He is extremely knowledgeable, kind, compassionate and most of all, takes the time to listen to your specific wants & needs. I will be forever grateful for having met & worked with Kyle!

Steph G